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WINGS OF THE SOUTH / Discovery Channel


Hilarious sequence showing some of the strange and sometimes comical machines that were invented in man's first attempts to fly.


Making the music was very fun, since I used every simple percussion instrument I could find to accompany the old-style piano.

© copyright - Explora Films / Discovery Channel



This is the opening of an episode of this series about modern political history in Latin America. This chapter is about Indigenism.


The goal: to create a strong sense of location - the high Andes of Bolivia.

© copyright - Fox Telecolombia / Nat Geo

THE FIDEL I KNEW / Discovery Channel


The header of this series - also a composition by Andrés - serves as an introduction to this documentary about the life of Fidel Castro.


This was conceptualized as a subtle reference to the communication style of newscasts, as the series focused on documenting current world events.

For the beginning of the story, the trumpet, played in the characteristic Cuban style, places us geographically on the island.

© copyright - Explora Films / Discovery Channel

WINGS OF THE SOUTH / Discovery Channel


Hot air balloons were the first flying machines. This sequence shows some examples.


The piano accompanies the image in the style of old silent films.

© copyright - Explora Films / Discovery Channel

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