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MARCHING TOWARDS HEAVEN (short film) / Cinecolombia


The moving story of a group of soldiers disabled as a result of the war in Colombia, who undertook the feat of climbing Mount Aconcagua, the highest in the Americas (6,962 meters). 


The music marks a pulse that accompanies the ascent in the first stages, and that is then unleashed in the female voice that develops as they approach the summit, and that culminates when the soldiers reach the summit.

© copyright - Explora Films / Cinecolombia

SURVIVORS / People + Arts


Survivors of a plane crash in the Andes return to the place where it happened, 30 years later, and pray for their deceased friends.


The charango contributes in a special way a very important emotional and location ingredient.

© copyright - Explora Films / People + Arts

52 WEEKS / Tropenbos


This documentary, which follows the rise and fall of the waters of the majestic Amazon over the course of a year (52 weeks), addresses different aspects of both natural history and the relationship of the river with the human groups that live in its area of influence. .


This clip briefly shows how some Amazonian ethnic groups make their crafts.

The Spanish acoustic guitar creates a mysterious and slow atmosphere, which accompanies the laborious craftsmanship.

© copyright - MPS Films / Tropenbos

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